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——– Original Message ——– Subject: My testimony Date: 2019-12-24 15:39 From: Heinrich Louw <prophetheini3@gmail.com> To: info@awakeninggospel.com
Greetings in Jesus name.my name is Heinrich from Worcester south Africa…on the age of 9 years old I was used to do crime like house breaking and started to build a crime record… I did go court in and out till the age of 16 years old…I appeared in court again and got sentence 9 months in brandvlei Youth Centre…after my 9 months a committed again crime get sentence 2 years…after my 2 years I got again 4 years.after finish my sentence of 4 yesrs I got a again 6 years sentence,on my 6 years sentence God began to speak to me about my friends circle I decide to start a new life with the help of the Lord…and in 2005 I gave my life to Jesus and my life was never be the same again…my message to those who are in the same zone God is still a life and he can fix you…I tried to do things on my own strength but I failed every time…I was a drug edict for about 8 years I smoked about 9 to 10 mandrax tablets a day…but God helps me to be free of my addiction…this is a short part of my story…

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